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1. Were the guards on time in embarkation Port?

2.  General knowledge on BMP4


3. Initial communications between the security guards and the captain of the vessel at the time of embarkation?

4.  Did the security team explain to the captain and the crew their performance onboard the vessel?


5. Did the security crew give a familiarization speech to the captain and his crew regarding the Rules of Force and Standard Operation Procedures?
6. Did the security team inform about last minute changes in their execution plan?
7. Did the security crew check provisions in storage in the nursing?

8. Did the security team recommend additional protective measures on the vessel?


9. Did the security team conduct exercises before entering High Risk Area?
10. Did the security team organize regular patrols on the vessel?
11. Did the security team have an appropriate behavior?
12. Was there a proper handling of weapons and proper storage of weapons?

13. Did the security team have to use weapons at some point?


14. Did the Security Team have an organized procedure at the disembarkation point?
15. Did the Security Team provide the captain with a report of their service at the end of the transit?
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